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About Us
Exphonic was founded in early 2023  after a few close friends that met at IED Milan came together to share their love for all things audio. After long nights jamming out we realized our chemistry was solid so we created a studio where we could collaborate on exciting projects and embrace creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Now we're here to help you make some noise!
Carlo Boschiroli
Mix & Master Engineer, Producer, Sound Designer

My name is Carlo Boschiroli, I am a music enthusiast and a sound expert with many years of experience in music production. I am thrilled to be part of the team of one of the best recording studios in the city.
I have mautured an extensive knowledge of sound design, mixing and mastering techniques, and my aim for perfection always drives me to go above and beyond for my clients. I am able to create a unique and engaging listening experience for every project, working with precision and attention to details.
I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and softwares to find creative and innovative solutions for my clients' needs.
I believe that the key to a successful product is collaboration with my clients. Therefore, I like to work to understand their needs and ensure that the final product is exactly as they want it.
I am confident that together we can create an extraordinary music experience.

Andrea Platania
Producer, Composer, Sound Designer
I'm Andrea, a seasoned electronic music producer of all genres. I've been creating my own music for years, and have collaborated with other artists to create unique and innovative tracks. As a multi-instrumentalist, I bring a diverse range of sounds and styles to my music. Recently, I've gained experience in sound design and post-production for commercials and short films. My sound also has a psychedelic influence, which adds a unique twist to my tracks.
I first became passionate about music thanks to video games, I was fascinated by the way music could enhance an experience and that fascination has stayed with me throughout my life. Now, I create music that not only stands on its own but also enhances the mood and experience of the listener.
I believe that music is all about creating connections and experiences, and I'm passionate about helping others achieve their creative vision. I bring a collaborative spirit to my work, and I love working closely with my clients to create music that truly reflects their artistic vision. Let's connect and see wher the journey will take us.

Nicolò Gabrieli
Beatmaker, Producer, Mix Engineer

I am Nicolò Gabrieli, a brillant beatmaker and producer with a huge passion for hip-hop and trap music. Over time, I have improved my skills in the music field, creating beats and becoming an expert in the game, using softwares such as Pro Tools and FL Studio.
I am highly creative and innovative, and a master in creating a unique and engaging atmosphere in my tracks.
Thanks to my experience and expertise in mixing and mastering, I can take your music to the next level. I have worked with numerous emerging artists, helping them achieve the sound they was aiming for in the music scene.
With my knowledge and attention to detail, I'm capable of understanding the needs of my clients and can create a customized track to meet their requests.
If you are an artist looking for a highly qualified beatmaker and producer, I am the right choice for you. Under my guidance, your track will compete on every platform.

Exphonic is a professional audio post-production company specialized in sound recording, sound design, sound post-production, music composing and music licensing.


EXPHONIC® 2023 IT Milan, All Rights Reserved.
+39 324 081 4149


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Exphonic is a professional audio post-production
company specialized in sound recording, sound design, sound post-production, music composing and music licensing.


+39 324 081 4149

EXPHONIC® 2023 IT Milan
All Rights Reserved.
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